Eco 2024 (Beendet)

The end has arrived...

After 60 days of intense gaming, we have successfully averted the meteorite. We want to extend our gratitude to all of you for your active participation. It has been an exhilarating journey filled with challenges and thrilling moments.

As the Eco server closes its doors, we wish to capture some memories. Here are a few pictures encapsulating the unforgettable moments before the server shuts down for good.

We are grateful for the time we have spent together, and we hope you have enjoyed your time on our server as much as we have. May the memories of our adventures in Eco remain in our hearts forever.

Thank you for your support and dedication. May our community continue to thrive and stay connected even after the server’s end.

Until the next adventure!“

„Eco“ is a unique sandbox game developed by Strange Loop Games, blending elements of building, survival, and simulation genres. It was first released in 2018. In „Eco,“ players find themselves in a simulated world threatened by environmental issues, including ecosystem destruction, resource overuse, and climate change.

What sets Eco apart is that players not only struggle for survival but also must collaborate to build a sustainable civilization while simultaneously preserving the environment. Players must gather resources, construct buildings, engage in trade, and develop complex economic systems while being mindful not to overexploit natural resources.

A fascinating component of Ecois its ecosystem, which includes realistic simulations of plant growth, animal behavior, and climate change. The decisions and actions of players directly impact the environment, and if they are not careful, they could disrupt the balance of nature and destroy the world in Eco.

In a pioneering move, the English group of has set up an „Eco“ server where various factions are being founded, paving the way for an intriguing role-playing experience. This initiative promises to immerse participants in a dynamic world where they can shape the course of events through collaboration, conflict, and diplomacy. A diverse array of factions adds depth to the emergent narratives, offering players the opportunity to engage in politics, trade, and environmental stewardship within the simulated ecosystem of „Eco.“ For those interested in joining this vibrant community, further details and an overview of the server’s landscape can be found at To participate, individuals are encouraged to reach out to @Feuerverbrenner to schedule a whitelist interview and potentially embark on their journey within this captivating virtual realm.